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Self recorded piecemeal-style in our homes during 2012 in Indianapolis. Feel the meticulousness.


released May 1, 2013

Dave Evans (drums), Greg O'Neill (guitar, vocals, keys) and Ryan Shepherd (bass)

Brad Latino/Greg O'Neill

Dave Evans



all rights reserved


Buster Eagle Indianapolis, Indiana

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Track Name: Let's Be Spies!
Pay attention son of mine,
I've been a spy most my life
taking peeks at other spies
in a grown up world of coats and ties

You can join our spying team
if your mama just agrees
raise your hand before you speak
in a game you play five days a week

Let's be spies together, private eyes together
watch the older kids and teachers too
learn the secrets to your school

But you mustn't boast or swagger
that's the oath of cloak and dagger
you must be another Buster
Eagle eyed and mild-mannered

Let's be spies together, private eyes together
make notes on all that you've uncovered
and meet back here at 0500.
Track Name: You Want Me To (Let Go)
You want me to let go

Now the only thing between me and you
is a friend of yours you been talking to
back in the door by 8 o'clock but
you ain't been home

Now it doesn't rain or shine
It's just midnight outside all the time
and days drift by like dead logs

You want me to let go

Now the only thing between me and you
are the hard times we've been going through
now every night as I'm going to sleep
it's the silence that's waking me
It doesn't rain or shine
it's just midnight outside all the time
and life drifts by like a dead log
Track Name: Money Costs Money
Flown home at last
you've outrun your own past
faster than the other dozen sinners

Here you are son
you can hang up your top gun
your number's up, everyone's a winner

Money costs you money
your twos might cost you threes
friends will cost you friends
your enemies are free

Can you believe that it's
yours to keep?
the art all looks like advertising
chemical kids sing the Midwest winter blues
and move to the coasts in all their daydreams

Money costs you money
twos might cost you threes
friends will cost you friends
your enemies are free

Ladder's to the bottom up
and the top rung's where it ends
your money costs you money
your friends will cost you friends
Track Name: Neighbors
I got a house
an empty house in a bedroom town
and when I start my day
it barely makes a sound

My driveway's bare
my garden's cracked and meager
my neighbors stare
they're not sure I'm really in here

No one annoys me and no one can destroy me
I'm empty

I got a house
an empty house in a bedroom town
and when I have my guests
they barely make a sound
Track Name: Yer Place
Take me back to your studio
take me back to your shed
desperate need of a sleeping pill
and a place to rest my head

Will you be kind
will you take time to wind me up again
cos I can go all night
if you wind me just right

I'm just a crooked man
who lives up crooked stairs
I got a crooked smile
I got a crooked haircut

Take a good look
be sure and cross you eyes

Something brings me back into the 80's
"take me home tonight, be my little baby"
you're a mess, come on and tie your shoes

I will if I want to
Track Name: Burnt Feathers
God is on TV tonight
the mayor is somewhere up in space
the Lord could not have been a lie
we needed something to replace

Burnt feathers in the snow
days burning ice cold
just like the wind blows

Dirty mags under the bridge
a homeless troll has left his next
a silver breeze rattles leafless twigs
beneath the overpass
god himself must rest

Burnt feathers in the snow
days burning ice cold
just like the wind blows
dead parents safe at home
kids out all alone
just like the wind...
Track Name: Miracles and Visions
Between the forest and the trees
you see the greenest little things
you hear the singing of the leaves
don't try and find out what it means

It's all more real than it seems

I thought I saw the Buddha smile
riding his motorbike again
he stopped to face me for a while
forgot what he had come to say

He just sort of passed me by

That's just how it is
with miracles and visions
brace yourself kid
for miracles and visions

I had that dream again
it was the one with all my friends
always drifting out and in
I'm the one who's stayin

Cos soon they'll all fade away

That's just how it is...
Track Name: Small Forward
In slow motion
the tips of my shoes
between your nose and chin

Flashbulbs crackle
the backboard groans
I'm free
Track Name: F.D.R.
Last night I broke my head
candy spilled out on my bed
I put it in a pillow case
I'll have it when I need it

I'm a man with promise
I'm a well-fed artist
my name is on a parking space
it's ready when I need it

Take a dime and scratch the surface off a sad weekend
I promise there's a joke beneath it

High times went up in smoke
thank god my watch is broke
I wind it with a paper clip
it loves me cos I feed it

Got my felonies in a row
got my alibis set to go
problems are a piece of cake
this time I'm gonna eat it

Take a dime...
Track Name: Fly By Nite
I fly by nite because
it's so demanding to be left standing
with the bits of bliss I've left to fix
all blown up because I've grown up

Do you feel the basement deep inside?
do you wish for greatness
lie awake
barely alive?

I wanna know
where does the time go?

I fly by nite
and steal my ghost
new story, new territory
a cowboy sunset in rear view
I load up, I gotta show up

Cos I miss the basement deep inside
do you wish for lateness
lie awake
barely alive?

I wanna know...
Track Name: Marcus
Wonder if his family even knows
guess they will at some point though
it's true, you can't take it with you
me and Mark wore the same size shoe

All that time we watched his things
we watched his TV too
lent out his books and sublet his room
and threw out his moldy food

I went downtown to I.D.
Mark had come back in town
it'd been some time since he left that night
with his keys hanging out his mouth